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Preference #19: He Thinks You’re Cheating On Him With Another Band Member- Part 2

Harry: Niall yanked his arms away and stared at the ground, blushing. You were in a similar position. “Harry, it’s not-” You started to say, but your voice broke when he ran over and yanked Niall off the bed. “Do me a favor and stay away from my girl!” He yelled pulling his fist back. You grabbed his arm before he was able to smash Niall’s face. “Don’t hurt him, Harry!” He dropped his fist, but turned his anger toward you. “So now you’re defending him?” You tried to stammer a response, but you couldn’t find words. Harry had never been this angry with you before. What were you supposed to say? “Is this why you keep sneaking off? To go cheat on me with Niall?” You took a deep breath as your eyes welled with tears. “I just… he was teaching me how to play guitar… for your birthday… I just wanted to surprise you.” By the end of your sentence you were barely audible and tears were streaming down your face. “Well, why were his arms around you?” He asked. “I was showing her where to put her fingers.” Niall said. Harry seemed to deflate when he realized you were telling the truth. “Oh,” he muttered as he pulled you in for a hug. “Sorry I yelled at you. I guess I overreacted.” He whispered into your hair. “Me too.” You said wiping your tears away. “Will you play this song for me?” He asked. You nodded and played it without messing up at all. He grinned and kissed your forehead. “I’m sorry I ruined the surprise.” You shrugged and gave a small smile. “Well, we did manage to surprise you.”

Niall: “It’s just something a fan dared me to do. No big deal.” You shrugged it off. “It is a big deal, (Y/N)” He said suddenly raising his voice. “I watched your Twitcam! You were flirting with him the whole night! Is there something going on with you two?” You shook your head frantically. How could Niall get that mad so fast? “I’m not good enough for you, is that it? So you go behind my back? With my best mate?” He was yelling now. You stammered to find a proper response, but he was beginning to scare you. “Would you rather be with Liam? Just tell me!” He said as his eyes welled with tears. “No, Niall!” you screamed. “I just-I don’t drink. I don’t go to bars, but I want to be with you.” Your anger faded almost immediately as you broke down crying. “If you wanted to be with me, then why did you cheat on me with my best friend?!” You jumped out of the bed and threw a pillow at him. “You’re such an ass! If you think I’d ever cheat on you, then maybe we shouldn’t be together at all.” After that you stormed out of the room in nothing but your pajamas.

Liam: As you threw on your coat and shoes, you tried Liam’s cell with no luck. You cursed loudly and Louis came in. “(Y/N)? Are you alright?” “Peachy,” You said as you pulled your shoe on. “I’m going to find Liam.” He insisted on coming with you, and you agreed because you knew you’d get lost by yourself. When you stepped outside, you were attacked by the bitter cold. “Where do you think he went?” Louis asked with chattering teeth. “He wouldn’t have gone far.” The two of you checked every establishment within walking distance of the hotel, and Louis proved to be a valuable asset when he checked every men’s’ restroom. After an hour without any luck, you ran your hand through your hair and began to cry. “We’ll find him, okay?” Louis said patting your back. You nodded and continued with your search. When Louis wanted to check the bar, you shrugged. It was worth a shot, plus you could use a drink after all this stress. When you went in, you instantly spotted Liam in a position that you never would have expected: drunk and surrounded by a hoard of empty glasses.

Louis: “What?” you asked surprised. “You’re supposed to be my girlfriend, but there you are all over Zayn!” He yelled. “I was just doing what the director told me!” You raised your tone to match his. You weren’t sure why he was so upset; he had given his permission, and he’d wanted you to help. “You’ve never even acted before! You shouldn’t have been that good without any experience!” He said. “What are you saying?” You asked. “You just really seemed to be enjoying yourself. That’s all.” He said, his voice dripping with attitude. “So not only are you accusing me of cheating, but you’re also insulting my acting?” You couldn’t believe how he was acting. You figured he’d be jealous, but you hadn’t even imagined that he’d be screaming at you. “Was there something going on with you two before the shoot? Is that why you were so quick to volunteer? You didn’t even hesitate with the director’s instruction.” It was ridiculous that he was making you answer a question that should have been obvious. “Of course not, Louis! I love you, you know that.” He sighed. “You know, (Y/N), I wish I believed you.” He said before storming out of the room.

Zayn: You jerked away from Harry. “Harry has something in his eye. I was just helping him get it out.” You said. Zayn knew you weren’t lying to him, but he couldn’t help but get a little angry anyway. “Why are you even here, (Y/N)? Why are you with Harry so much? Is there something going on with you guys?” You shook your head. “No, of course not. Why are you being so jealous over nothing?” Your fight escalated quickly when he began yelling. “Because you seem to always be with him!” “Only because you’re driving me away!” You replied. He choked on his next words. “I’ve just been nervous. That’s all.” He muttered. You stood up and walked towards him. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped.” He shook his head. “Just tell her, mate.” Harry piped up. “Tell me what?” You asked. Was he going to break up with you or was he planning a tropical vacation? You had no idea what was going on until Zayn got down on his knee and pulled out a small box. He spoke slowly, uncertain of how to phrase his question. “I’m sorry I’ve been distant for the past couple weeks. I just wanted this to be right. I hope you’ll forgive me and agree to be my wife.”  You smiled. “That almost rhymed.” He relaxed when he saw your smile. “Of course I’ll marry you, Zayn.” You said as he slipped the ring onto your finger. “Aw,” Harry said from behind you. You’d forgotten he was there. “I’m your best man, right Zayn?” He winked.

Note: Niall, Liam, and Louis’ were just too long. There will be a short part three for theirs!

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